Monday, June 1, 2015

Marathon Monday week 5

Week 5 was rough on me. I have some residual soreness from Superhero, which made running difficult some days.
Sunday..... rest day. Three mile walk
Monday..... 5 miles at the local reservoir. It was horribly hot and my shin hurt, so my pace was 13'31"

Tuesday.... two miles. I had to switch back to my old shoes for a while until the new ones break in better. 12'37" pace

Wednesday.... 2.6 Miles at the boardwalk. My legs felt decent and my pace was so much better at 11'37" a little windy but a beautiful day.

Thursday. ... achy again, my 40 minute run became a 2 mile walk. Starting to worry about Spartan on Saturday...
Friday.... 1.5 Mile run that was a total fail. I decided to defer Spartan 

Saturday.... no Spartan? Let's lay down pavers instead. I hauled bricks and thanked my lucky stars I deferred because the 3 miles became 5 at Spartan and the hills would have killed me.

Saturday. ... I rode my bike to volunteer and the run at a local 5k. Our GOTR girls helped with the kids' dash and then it was on to the 5k. It was close to 90 and humid, but I managed an 11'29" pace! Nothing like having friends and neighbors watching to move you along. Also did some more paver work! 

Not a great week, but I got it done! 

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