Monday, June 8, 2015

Marathon Monday, week 6

What a rough week. The shine is definitely off and now it feels a little like work. I don't have any big races until Fall, which is probably a good thing! Helping the hubs with his paver project has been hell on my legs, especially my thighs, which has made some of my runs very ugly this week!

Sunday..... Ocean Road School 5K, hot and ugly, but not my worst. It was a nice flat course with plenty of water. I rode my bike there and back, about 2.5 miles

Monday.... P90X3 total synergistics, some challenge workouts, and 2.62 miles in my new NYC Sparkle Skirt. 11'27" pace. 

Tuesday..... P90X Agility and challenge exercises

Wednesday..... National Running Day! 60 minute run, 5.25 miles at 11'27" pace. A friend ran the first 3 with me. Capsulitis really started bothering me after this, and I ordered a rubber pad for my shoe. I also had a sore leg and a sad tummy.

Thursday..... total rest day. I had about 3000 steps. I rested, I iced, I played Facebook games. Oh, but it was National Donut Day.

Friday..... another paver day. Lots of walking around carrying bricks. Lots of squatting. And date night. More walking. And some baseball.

Saturday..... I ended the week with the Girl's on the Run 5k. I loved watching the girls run this race! They were all so cute! I struggled with sore thighs and achy feet but I finished. 3.2 Miles in roughly 39 minutes at a 12'17 pace.

Not a bad week when I look back. I'm so hard on myself all week, and the minor injuries can be disheartening. I have to remind myself of my pace goal for this race.
First and foremost, my goal is to finish. 8 hours, 6 hours, i don't care.
If the run gods are smiling, I would love a 6 hour marathon. That's a 13'44" average. My training supports this so far. Even my longish runs are under 13 minutes so far.
if the gods are grinning, I would love a 5:30 marathon. That was my goal pre-injury though, so I'm not really counting on it. That would a 12'35 average pace. My training supports this now, but I wonder about the longer runs to come.
in any case, week 6 is complete and I am.on to week 7!

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  1. Stop being so hard on yourself, you are doing AMAZING!