Sunday, June 28, 2015

Marathon Training Recap, the last two weeks

Marathon training has been kind of a bust over the last two weeks. I have been having some tightness and am now realizing that it is my IT Band giving me trouble. I truly need to be strengthening and stretching and my poor body keeps trying to tell me!
The last two weeks I have run exactly twice. A 5k and today's 3 miler. On my other training days I have used my bike and doubled the mileage. I am going to be slowly adding runs back in, and slowly increasing the mileage, while filling in the gaps with my bicycle. NYC will happen, I just might have to lower my expectations. I am totally fine with this!
I went back to WW as well. I know that losing the 20+ extra pounds I am carrying will go a long way towards reducing the chance of future injuries!
Here are some of my workouts over the last two weeks....

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