Monday, June 15, 2015

Marathon Training Tuesday

Sunday.... 4 mile run at a 12'04" pace in my neighborhood

Monday..... HITT workout, some yoga,and a 2 mile walk 

Tuesday..... 3 Mile run, starting to have some hamstring tightness, so I'm going to break out the KT tape and add some PiYo, which I never should have stopped in the first place!

Wednesday..... rest day, did some walking to get in my steps.
Thursday..... 5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk. I had intended to run the whole thing but the hest was insane and I still ended up sick the rest of the day. 13'02" pace for the run.

Saturday..... George Sheehan Classic 5k, super hot, humid, and hilly but I finished. Recap coming... 12'02" pace.
Sunday..... I woke up feeling thick headed and tired and basically stayed on the couch all day.
I also made a decision to lighten up my training. I think I added too many miles too fast so I have found a Hal Higdon program for beginners and will be using that. I don't have any concrete time goals anymore, I just want to finish! If my aches and pains subside and I start making decent progress I will revisit time goals. 
My new schedule runs from Monday to Sunday, with Saturday's being my usual long run day, although that may have to change from time to time.
Have you ever had to change a goal during training? 

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