Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not Even Close to Being Wordless Wednesday

I thought a lot about this post during my training ride today.
That's right, I am still riding my miles for the NYC Marathon, and I am definitely feeling sorry for myself. I know, I know, this is not a real tragedy. It feels that way sometimes, though. It feels like there is nothing worse than blogging about running when you aren't actually running.
I'm not reading other blogs. I'm barely writing my own blog.
But I am having a really huge pity party. There are balloons and everything.
I have started pulling myself out of the abyss this week, with very tiny baby steps.
With the exception of Disney, I haven't missed a training day. Heck, even in Disney I was covering the miles. I have started doing Power Half Hour as well. It is deceptively tough on the body.
I have been eating lots of cupcakes. Yikes. My daughter's High School Grad party was Sunday night and we had leftovers. They are gone now, have no fear.
I have started using my WW app again, and I never stopped using MFP.
I will finish the NYC Marathon, but it's definitely not going to be under 6 hours. It may be closer to 8 at this point and I don't even care. I just want to finish. I know I can finish. I may be slower than a snail in molasses but I will finish.
Sooooo here are some of my recent workouts.

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