Saturday, August 29, 2015

Arc Planner, My Newest Obsession and a #swap Idea

I love planning.
I'm obsessed, really.
My 2014 planner was an Erin Condren, and I loved it, but the price tag was just too high.
I started doing research and discovered that Staples sells their own planner, the ARC planner. It comes in two sizes, you can get different covers for it, and you can expand it with larger discs.

When I bought it, the store only had the 2014-2015 calendar pages so I ordered blank refills through Amazon and now I have three years worth. See? Obsessed.

I also have notebook pages in the back, bookmark pages, and stickers galore.

My newest discovery is Planner Buddies. There is a Facebook group! Holy heck!
I am having so much fun learning about printing your own stickers, layout iseas, and more.
My big idea of the week is to host a Buddy Swap! Who wants to join in?
If you would like to be included, please email me at to let me know. I am thinking that we will.set a $20 limit, and maybe try doing it every other month. What do you all think? Who is in?!

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