Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook review #ad #JeremyScottFitness

As a Fitfluential Ambassador,  occasionally I get sneak peeks of products, so that I can write reviews and tell you all about some amazing new products. As always, my views are my own!

One of these products is a book by Jeremy Scott of Jeremy Scott Fitness, Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook. When I was offered this book, my son and I were discussing removing gluten from our diets, because he has been having some tummy troubles. What perfect timing!
The book starts off with some Do's and Don'ts of Gluten Free eating, which is super helpful. I love lists that just spell stuff out from the start. No wondering, no worrying, just black and white lists. A perfect start! The lists are also set up to let you know why. Avid these bloaty foods. Include these cleansing foods. Fat burning foods. Beverage choices. LOVE. There are more, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!
Next comes the meal plan template for the next 10 days. It tells you what combination of foods to eat over the next 10 days, switching up the Carb/Fat Ratio.
And then, the recipes. There are so many choices, and if you are not a fan of any of them, there is a list of other acceptable ideas at the bottom. The pictures aren't huge, but the information is, and that is a compromise I can get on board with.
There are omelet recipes, quiches, crepes, pancakes, waffles, muffins, salads, "sandwich" wraps, pizza, and sooo much more. Even my picky teenager is excited about these recipes!
This is where my blogger fail comes in. We cooked, we took pics, we ate. And while I was away for my Uncle's funeral I cleaned out some pics and I deleted them! I will take more, though, and post them to Instagram first chance I get!
You can stalk Jeremy on Instagram and Twitter and at his website.
You can also get the book at Amazon, it's on Prime! I can't wait to hear what your favorite recipe is. I really love the Raspberry Coconut Muffins!

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