Saturday, August 15, 2015

Poker Run Bicycle Challenge

So, this week I made the tough decision to defer the NYC Marathon. I'm not gonna lie , I was devastated. My foot just won't heal. Every time the pain goes away when walking, I try a run, and end up limping for days.
I  am taking 6 weeks off with no running, and there won't be enough time to train after that, so no marathons for me.
Today, I did some other exercise, starting with PiYo Strength Intervals.

Mike is my favorite. 
Ok, that ached. Off to the shower before we went to the Poker Run at our Home Owner's Association.
What fun we had! We probably biked about 4 miles total. At each house, you pick a random card, 7 total, and hope for 5 good ones.

Afterwards, they announced that some of the proceeds went to MS and Parkinsons, and then announced the winners. My pair of 3s was lowwwww on the list. The hubs had a straight and came in sixth. No prizes for us.
They had BBQ and live music so it was still a win. 
Plus, this was our view:

Definitely a great way to spend a Saturday!

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  1. That sounds like awesome fun! I've never heard of a Poker Run before, so fun!
    I am sorry to hear you are having foot troubles and had to defer the race! I know how hard that can be, I have had some foot injuries due to an injury at work that has had me off racing for over 2 1/2 years, it's no fun! Hope you heal quick!!!