Saturday, September 12, 2015

Boobie Run Virtual Race.... on a bike

Since I am still two weeks away from my next run, I rode my bike for Skirt Sports' Boobie Run. Since I am nowhere near Colorado, I did it virtually with the hubs.

The hubs and I headed out this morning with a basic 8 mile route in our heads. The weather was perfect. We crossed the first bridge and headed down the road I chose. When we were getting ready to make a left, the hubs decided we should make a right and cross another bridge. We would basically have to cross over and then come right back. I thought he was nuts but we went anyway. 
Then he decides we need to hit our favorite bakery for some lunch rolls. 
Ummmmmm ok.
The bakery was mile 6.5 and we were easily still 6 miles away from home. 
So instead of an out and back we did a crazy 5 town loop back home. 
Three bridges.
Two long hilly roads.
13.6 miles.
I'm tired.
But we finished!

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