Monday, September 21, 2015

Knowing When To Take a Step Back

I was so excited to start Insanity Asylum today. The agility moves are perfect for a runner in training.

I had the jump rope, I ordered the agility ladder, and I was ready to go.

I got 25 minutes into the workout before I realized that it was a huge mistake. My foot just isn't ready for this kind of abuse. I'm bummed, I'm not gonna lie. It was seriously fun, and really hard. Those were 25 sweaty minutes. 
I will be revisiting this series when my foot is ready. For now? I'm thinking of something like Yoga Booth Ballet. I'm printing out the calendar now, so that I'm ready to start tomorrow or Wednesday. 
Next week starts the Couch to 10k program, and I don't want anything to get in the way of me running again. I need the run like I need air. And chocolate.

What workout program are you doing right now?

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