Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Training Update and a Pinterest Challenge

I ran yesterday.
This seems like an important place to start, even though it was only a mile. It was a crampy mile as well, my foot was not happy but it also didn't hurt. This is huge. It doesn't hurt today either, so tomorrow I will attempt a full 30 minutes and see how that goes.
If it goes poorly, I am sure you will know.

Other than that one glorious mile, it was a pretty tame week.well, besides that marathon we biked. The hubs is all about a repeat performance, so we will be biking to Asbury Park this Saturday to keep it interesting.
Anyway, this week's workouts.....

There were lots of walks as well. The weather here has been amazing! 
The ladies at Skirt Sports have put together an amazing Pinterest Challenge! Be sure to visit their page and enter!


  1. Happy to hear you are getting back on the road. No fun when you can't run.