Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thursday Training Update

This week I began 21 Day Fix. The workouts are new and challenging and I am about 90% on plan with the Eating Plan. I am also loving that I can use the workouts with Beachbody on Demand, which means I can take them with me wherever there is a wifi connection!
Win win!
My workouts for the last week have been:

Saturday: beach yoga for an hour, which I rode my bike to and from, about 2 miles round trip

Sunday: I was being super lazy since the Fix started the next day. I also ate a lot. 30 minute dog walk and 30 minute beach walk.

Monday: Total Body Cardio Fix and a 40 minute dog walk

Tuesday: Upper Body Fix and a 60 minute walk. In my living room. Because I needed steps. I miss running.

Wednesday: Lower Body Fix, lots of whining about being sore from Upper Body Fix, and that's about it. I imagine that I will be sore from Lower as well. Ouchie. All the squats and lunges.

I am looking foreward to more 21 Day Fix and adding in some PiYo again as well. This week I start working and I have 3 different very part time gigs babysitting princesses and pups, so it will be some juggling.
I am ready for the juggling thanks to my planner!

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