Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Training Update

Happy Thursday! It is storming here on the east coast, hopefully we will have some cooler weather or at least a little less humidity!
I've been having a lot less pain with my capsulitis, I've even had some pain free days and some days where there was just a little swelling! My plantar fasciitis is definitely on haitus. No boot at night, no insert in my shoes. I am enjoying it and hoping it will last!
And now, on to the workouts!
Friday: lots of walking. I took the boy shopping for school clothes at the mall and we walked around a lot. There was also some dog walking that night.

Saturday: the hubs and I did a lot of walking  plus we rode our bikes to and from a party at our clubhouse. 

Sunday: the boy and I had a yard sale. There was much moving of heavy things throughout the day. We also went shopping afterwards, so he could spend his hard earned cash. It was exhausting.
Monday: the hubs and I drove about 8 hours round trip to help my parents move some furniture. We spent about 2 hours moving furniture up and down stairs. 
Tuesday: totally lazy day. 
Wednesday: to make up for my lazy Tuesday, I did double workouts yesterday. Today, my body aches!

Not a terrible week, I must say. I am looking forward to running, I'm not gonna lie. Almost 4 weeks of no running down with two more to go. 
What's the longest you've gone without running?

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