Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Training Update with the RunGo app


Remember that 6 week hiatus I forced upon myself to give my foot a rest? Well, it ended this week. Party time!!!!
Monday was supposed to be my first run, but I may have jumped the gun just a little bit, and started running last week. Yeah, I suck at self imposed hiatuses. Big time.
My foot feels awesome! There is still some cramping, and I did manage to force myself to take it super easy, to the tune of 13 minute miles, but Holy heck, it feels good to be back!
Before this hiatus, I was invited to be an Ambassador for the RunGo app.   I had some time to try it out before I was sidelined and now I can start using it again! Hooray!
So what does this app do?
RunGo tracks your essential running stats including time, distance, pace and calories. You can select from voice navigated routes, or just run. As a virtual running partner, you can hear customized distance or time notifications right through your headphones. After a route is downloaded, RunGo can function even without cellphone service or data.
If you choose one of the voice navigated routes, it gives you turn by turn directions! You can also add your favorite runs to the app. Here at the Jersey Shore, someone added the route for the Asbury Park Half Marathon, so if you wanted to do a dry run, you totally could do that. If you had a race coming up and the website had the route posted, you could add it to the app and test it out before the big day!

So, here is a screen shot of the main screen when you open the app. It gives you some options for routes in your area. I added the tour of Point Pleasant and I also added Checking out the Boardwalk. Because, you know, it's what I do. Someone else added the course for the Spring Lake Five, a HUGE race in our area that attracts 10,000+ runners every year. There is also a route for the Belmar Five, which is part of a Race Series here at the Jersey Shore. As you can see, you can also run without a route.
Safety tip: I took this screen shot away from my home, and all of the routes I upload start at local parks, so that total strangers aren't queueing up in my front yard to start their runs! One can never be too careful!

Other features of the app.....
  • Provides voice-navigated, turn-by-turn directions along popular running routes
  • Allows runners to discover new routes without relying on maps
  • Alerts users if they go off-course
  • Option for additional information including restroom locations and points of interest
  • Listen to your music and take calls while being navigated
  • Tracks all the top running app stats including time, distance, pace and calories burned

  • There are also routes for major cities all over the world, such as NYC  and London! If you are on vacation or a business trip, and want to get a run in, you can open the app and check out runs in your area! They will be runner tested and runner approved!
    Best of all, you can get this app for free! Check it out  for the iPhone or for the Android!

    You can also stalk them on Twitter and Instagram!
    Be sure to let me know what you think of the app once you've tried it out!

    How many routes show up in your neighborhood?

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