Monday, September 14, 2015

Training with a Training Plan and #JeffGalloway

As a Jeff Galloway Blogger, I get fun emails full of tips to pass on to my readers. This month's tips are about training with a Training Plan.
I'm currently training for Wine and Dine, and once I start running again, I will be following Jeff's training plan. For now, I'm walking and riding my bike.

Training plans are great for runners of all skill levels. They keep you on track, help prevent injury, and help you improve.
Key training elements.....
Longer runs build endurance. Don't stress if your pace is slower on th see runs. I run a couple minutes slower per mile on average once I hit 8 mile runs.
Hilly runs build strength. This is so important. I don't generally train on hills, because they are hard to find at the shore,and I got injured running a hilly race. No hills in your area? Try to find a bridge or a treadmill that you can adjust.
Scenic or group runs are fun and keep you coming back for more!

Run every other day. This helps your performance, allows for healing, and helps you schedule your workouts. Hills can be run during weekday short runs and long runs can be done on weekends when you have more time. If you don't work a traditional 9-5 job, adjust the plan to fit your needs.

Cross training on off days should be workouts that don't fatigue the calf muscles, such as walking. I love doing yoga or pilates on those days to stretch and strengthen my muscles.

Vary your course. This is not only safer, it also prevents boredom. I have a few tried and true courses that  I tend to stick with, but I mix them.up when possible.

Be sure to take it easy the day before and after a long run. Drink water. 

Do NOT skip the rest days. This will.not make you stronger, it might even injure you. Overtraining is a very real thing!

Write it down. The weather, the distance, the time, the mission. Write down your aches and pains. When I injured my toe last year, I looked back and saw that I had started feeling sore way earlier than I originally thought. These little things are easy to forget! My fave journal is the Believe I Am journal. 

Check out for training plans any need!


  1. I absolutely love Galloway's tips and training philosophies! What a great guy! And love my Believe journal too!

    1. he is so amazing! So down to earth as well, the times I have met him he was so nice!