Sunday, October 25, 2015

Deal Trick or Trot 5k Recap

Today was the second 5k of the weekend, and my second crash test for a half marathon costume. It's so important to wear your costume at least once before a big race, to be sure there will be no chafing or other mishaps.
Today I tested my Wine and Dine costume.... Daisy Duck. I still don't have a hat, I'm hoping they have one in Disney, but I did buy a duck bill just in case.
Morgan came with me again, but she was pretty whiny about the drizzly weather and the aches she had from yesterday's 5k. Total teenager moments going on.
I told her we would get the bibs and tees and sit in the car, just to see if it would warm up. Worse case, we would walk the whole thing.
When we lined up, it was warmer and the rain had stopped, so we decided to try and jog it for a little bit. She ditched me before we even hit mile one.
So I had no teenie and no music. No biggie. I managed to maintain roughly 12 minute miles the whole time, despite the tired muscles and the hilly course.
We had a great time and finished, which is all that matters. My goal was under 38, and I finished in 37:26.
Afterwards, we scored some free Mike's Subs and birch beer from a tap. Pretty much made my whole day.
Then in to our town's Halloween parade to see my friend's float.

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