Thursday, October 22, 2015

Training Update

I've  been sick for the last week, so the workouts have been few and far between....

There have been some dog walks, aND that's about it. I'm so exhausted all the time, and I have had  a headache since Sunday. Hoping for a reprieve soon, because I rrally need to workout. The hubs and I did PiYo together on Monday morning before he left for work. He makes the best noises when we do PiYo l, like he is about to die. It's hysterical and it makes me feel badass. 

I sat down the other day and plotted out the next few months. I plan to do PiYo every day, as well as a Beachbody series, and run three times a week. I've been lazy for so long, that I feel the need for a change! 

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