Saturday, October 24, 2015

Monster Dash 5k Recap

This morning I ran the Monster Dash 5k for the 5th year. This was one of my first races ever, and one of my favotites. It benefits a local First Aid company and runs mostly along the boardwalk. My feet really like that part.
This year, the Teenie ran it with me, which was fun. We were supposed to have matching costumes, but she left hers at school. A few last minute dashes about the house, and we came up with costumes for both weekend races.

Today was test race #1, this is the costume I am wearing for Rock n Roll Philadelphia, which is held on Halloween this year. 
We went to the race early, so that we could watch the kids run the mile fun run. A few of my little friends were running, so it was extra fun to watch. Afterwards, we hung our inside to.stay warm until the race started. It was a chip.finish, but not start, so I wanted to be sure we lined up in time.

The race course is about 50% on the  boardwalk, which I love especially for my poor feet. They are about 95% better but I'm not taking any chances! Teenie turned her ankle, which slowed her down, but she walked it off and still managed to beat me by a couple minutes. I finished in just over 34 minutes, which has me very happy. I am slowly making progress towards my usual pace.

Afterwards, we had our free lunch from one of the restaurants on the boardwalk and then walked to a local donut shop that makes your donut as you watch. And what is a cop without a donut?

My legs are achey tonight, I did an hour of PiYo last night, and both workouts were mostly lower body, which was probably not wise.
I am not sure how tomorrow's 5k will go, but it will be fun, and that's all that matters to me at this point.

Did you race today?

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