Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Training Update

Soooooo there really wasn't any. I'm not gonna lie, Disney is a workout all by itself!
Thursday we arrived in Disney in the afternoon, and basically passed out on our beds while our phones charged. We met up for dinner and then hit up Pirates of the Caribbean. Doesn't sound like much but I had well over 10,000 steps!

Friday was the expo. We shopped, then went across to pick up our bibs, then back again to get our race tees. Then we went to EPCOT for the first time and started our goal of eating around the world.

Saturday was the 5k and the Half Half. Lots of steps to be had, and the running ran over into Sunday. We hit EPCOT both days. 

Monday was probably my least active day. We hit Hollywood Studios before going home, and there is a lot of sitting and watching there. I didn't hit 10,000 steps until we got to the airport!

Tuesday I rested, worked, and straightened the house. No excitement there.
Wednesday I worked, straightened the house and coached Girls on the Run. We walked the dogs to help me hit my steps.

What's your favorite park in Disney? Can you tell that EPCOT is mine?

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