Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 Reading Challenges

I love to read. Our new house will actually have a library, every book nerd's dream! Each year I take on the Reading Challenge, where you set a goal and try to read that many books during the course of the year. This year I exceeded my goal of 30 books, so my 2016 goal is 40.
Some gals in my Facebook Reading Club turned me on to a new challenge:

The rules are simple:
You set a goal and read. The catch? It's books you already own. Yikes. I have a lot of those. 20 books on the shelf, 22 on my kindle. My nook is charging but I'm pretty sure the number there is over 100. It's a lot of fluff, and a few classics. What is fluff? You know, those predictable romance novels you can't help but down load when they are free on BookBub? I have dozens. Possible over a hundred. It's a sickness.
So, I chose Mt. Ararat. 48 books.
Here are the levels:
Pike's Peak...12 books
Mount Blanc... 24 books
Mount Vancouver... 36 books
Mount Ararat... 48 books
Mount Kilimanjaro... 60 books
El Toro... 75 books
Mount Everest... 100 books
Mount Olympus... 150+ books

I don't know who invented this challenge, but they are a genius!

There is also the Pop Sugar Challenge, which I printed out last year and got halfway through....

Will you be joining me for either....or both.... challenges?

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  1. Books I already own...that sounds fun but tough as I give a lot of my books away after I read them.....but I might give that one a go :)