Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thursday Training Update

I fee like I'm finally getting back into the groove, nothing like setting 2016 goals to get you moving again!
I have a great step streak going, 11 days in a row so far, and lots of packing has also been going on.
So back to the workouts....
Sunday I decided to get off my lazy butt, and I put out the call on Facebook, and luckily my friend Joy was headed out for a 20 miler. Noooo, I didn't do 20, but we did speed walk 10 together. Total blogger fail, no pics of us together, but I did take some.

Monday I was super sore from the trail walk, but I managed to torture myself some more with some Hammer and Chisel, ISO Strength Chisel.

Tuesday I was even more sore,so I stuck with PiYo, but Sculpt was up on the calendar so I don't think I did myself any favors! I also had a run on the schedule, but it was raining. I'm not totally against running in the rain, but I feel like I'm fighting a cold, so I did a 4 mile Power Walk DVD instead. I also made a few decisions about some future races....

Crazy right? If I add the 2017 Disney Marathon to my schedule I will be a Double Agent. Score! 
Ok, so back to my workouts.
Wednesday is my weigh in day with Weight Watchers. My goal for my first week back, and learning a new plan, was to maintain. Let's be real, losing weight is hard and it's even harder during Christmas! 

Can you see the fine print? One pound gone! I came home after my meeting, got some housework done, and hit the road and got in 3 miles. A perfect day.

Today I plan to do PiYo and Hammer and Chisel before we hit the beach club for NYE. The hubs is home after 3 days away, however, and if he suggests something else I will definitely change my plans!
Tomorrow starts my Word Workout Challenge. I will be posting them daily on Instagram. Look me up! @BarkingMadRun
Here is a sneak peek....

Will you be joining me? Be sure to tag me on IG and use the hashtag! 

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