Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday, Winter Storm Jonas Edition

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hotel Gym Etiquette

Today I am in Charlotte, preparing to go and do the final walk through of our new home. Apparently it involves lots of blue tape, to mark all the little things that need to be fixed before we close.
With NJ being covered in snow, and me losing a week of running due to an earache and some too cold Temps, I haven't been able to run since WDW. I was looking forward to running  outdoors today, but ice on the ground here in Charlotte is preventing that.
Sad face.
A girl needs to move, so of to the hotel gym I went. I put my new Happy Girl skirt on and headed down to the first floor.
Teadnills give me shin splints so I was aiming to use one of their two ellipticals. Both were taken, one by a dude in a Polo shirt.
To each his own I guess.
I got onto the stationary bicycle, determined to do any form of cardio, and waited for my turn. About t minutes later, Polo got up and started using the free weights.
Hooray! But no. Polo had left his towel and water on the elliptical, saving it for after his weights. Denied!
I kept biking, and not one minute later, Polo grabbed his water and towel and left.
Now, I get that I only lost one minute, but this brings up a very important piece of gym etiquette....
Don't save a machine you aren't going to use.
Don't leave said machine unclean when you leave it. Wipe that bad boy down.
It had me thinking as I did my workout. What other important bits of manners are important when working out a hotel gym, or any gym for that matter?
A few came to mind:
If wipes aren't available  (they weren't) do not use your sweaty to wipe your machine down. Use a fresh one.

Don't stay on your machine for over 30 minutes if people are waiting.

If you left your ear buds and ipod home, like I did, don't play your music too loud. Luckily, the place emptied out and I used YouTube to play some tunes.

Be sure to throw your dirty towels in the receptacle when you are done with them.

Don't use equipment as a coat rack or an end table. Someone might want to use it.

Have fun!
Get your workout done.
Stretch afterwards.
Clean up after yourself!
Have a good breakfast afterwards.
Have a great day, you earned it.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Are You In? #TCSNYCmarathon

Today is the first day that you can enter the lottery for the NYC Marathon. You gotta be in it to win it, are you in? I deferred last year, so....

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Fun

Just thought I would throw out some discount codes. I don't benefit from these in any way. If enough people use my Zooma code, they will give me a free race to give to one of my readers....

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Training Update, WDW half Marathon

Soooo since I left for Disney on Thursday of last week, all of my exercise pretty much consisted of me walking around the parks.
Saturday was the WDW Half Marathon. I ran most of it with the teenie and my friend Shannon. It was teenie's first half and Shannon's second.
We got up super too early, got dressed and out the door by 3:30 and got right onto the bus. Front row baby. The bus ride was quick and painless and we headed to the bag check and bathroom lines.
Also painless. Wow. We headed over to the corral we would be in FOREVER because we were in O. Shannon forgot to submit a time and we bumped back to stay with her.
We knew we would only have about a 6 or 8 minute headstart so we got as close to the front of the corral ad we could and decided not go stop too much for the first few miles. Teenie stopped and saw Wreck it Ralph, but she was running ahead of us at that point and that is where we caught up.

That pic was in the corrals. Not attractive, but a cool pic nonetheless.
So we made it go the Magic Kingdom with no problems. We mostly all stayed together the whole time, which was great, and we snagged a few great photos around the castle. This is pretty much where we all separated, unfortunately.

The next few miles were ugly. I felt great, but the road got very small and everyone was walking. I was so frustrated, and I was alone because teenie ran ahead and Shannon was somewhere behind. Ugh.
Morgan and met up around mile 8 but she had tummy trouble and she was lagging behind. We knew that if we could get to mile 10, we could walk the rest, because of our head start. I was feeling great, but poor teenie had some chafing and she was getting grumpy.
Shannon caught up with us around mile 11 and we all walked the rest of the way in together.

Special thanks to Nicky and Jeremy for spectating! We saw them as we entered MK and EPCOT!
We finished, Morgan ran ahead and Shannon and I came in together. I haven't checked the official photos yet, but I'm sure they are awesome! We got some ice and some food and collapsed to recuperate.
Definitely a great race and I look forward to going back in 2017 for the marathon! Morgan says she will run the 10k instead!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Winners

Congrats to the Blogiversary Giveaway winners! I will be contacting each of you via email to see which prize you would like. You have 24 hours to answer before I move on to the next winner.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spectating at the Disney Marathon

Just a few quick thoughts!
Loved spectating at the marathon today.
Marathoners congratulated us on our medals from the half, as they were running in the full!
Cheering makes people run faster.
Twizzlers make people happy at mile 13.
Runners are awesome.
I can't wait to run the marathon in 2017.