Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Training Update, WDW half Marathon

Soooo since I left for Disney on Thursday of last week, all of my exercise pretty much consisted of me walking around the parks.
Saturday was the WDW Half Marathon. I ran most of it with the teenie and my friend Shannon. It was teenie's first half and Shannon's second.
We got up super too early, got dressed and out the door by 3:30 and got right onto the bus. Front row baby. The bus ride was quick and painless and we headed to the bag check and bathroom lines.
Also painless. Wow. We headed over to the corral we would be in FOREVER because we were in O. Shannon forgot to submit a time and we bumped back to stay with her.
We knew we would only have about a 6 or 8 minute headstart so we got as close to the front of the corral ad we could and decided not go stop too much for the first few miles. Teenie stopped and saw Wreck it Ralph, but she was running ahead of us at that point and that is where we caught up.

That pic was in the corrals. Not attractive, but a cool pic nonetheless.
So we made it go the Magic Kingdom with no problems. We mostly all stayed together the whole time, which was great, and we snagged a few great photos around the castle. This is pretty much where we all separated, unfortunately.

The next few miles were ugly. I felt great, but the road got very small and everyone was walking. I was so frustrated, and I was alone because teenie ran ahead and Shannon was somewhere behind. Ugh.
Morgan and met up around mile 8 but she had tummy trouble and she was lagging behind. We knew that if we could get to mile 10, we could walk the rest, because of our head start. I was feeling great, but poor teenie had some chafing and she was getting grumpy.
Shannon caught up with us around mile 11 and we all walked the rest of the way in together.

Special thanks to Nicky and Jeremy for spectating! We saw them as we entered MK and EPCOT!
We finished, Morgan ran ahead and Shannon and I came in together. I haven't checked the official photos yet, but I'm sure they are awesome! We got some ice and some food and collapsed to recuperate.
Definitely a great race and I look forward to going back in 2017 for the marathon! Morgan says she will run the 10k instead!

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  1. I'm 99% convinced I need to do the WDW full in 2017, too! Annnnnnnd maybe tackling Dopey is 2018. We'll see... ;)

    Congrats on the half!