Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hotel Gym Etiquette

Today I am in Charlotte, preparing to go and do the final walk through of our new home. Apparently it involves lots of blue tape, to mark all the little things that need to be fixed before we close.
With NJ being covered in snow, and me losing a week of running due to an earache and some too cold Temps, I haven't been able to run since WDW. I was looking forward to running  outdoors today, but ice on the ground here in Charlotte is preventing that.
Sad face.
A girl needs to move, so of to the hotel gym I went. I put my new Happy Girl skirt on and headed down to the first floor.
Teadnills give me shin splints so I was aiming to use one of their two ellipticals. Both were taken, one by a dude in a Polo shirt.
To each his own I guess.
I got onto the stationary bicycle, determined to do any form of cardio, and waited for my turn. About t minutes later, Polo got up and started using the free weights.
Hooray! But no. Polo had left his towel and water on the elliptical, saving it for after his weights. Denied!
I kept biking, and not one minute later, Polo grabbed his water and towel and left.
Now, I get that I only lost one minute, but this brings up a very important piece of gym etiquette....
Don't save a machine you aren't going to use.
Don't leave said machine unclean when you leave it. Wipe that bad boy down.
It had me thinking as I did my workout. What other important bits of manners are important when working out a hotel gym, or any gym for that matter?
A few came to mind:
If wipes aren't available  (they weren't) do not use your sweaty to wipe your machine down. Use a fresh one.

Don't stay on your machine for over 30 minutes if people are waiting.

If you left your ear buds and ipod home, like I did, don't play your music too loud. Luckily, the place emptied out and I used YouTube to play some tunes.

Be sure to throw your dirty towels in the receptacle when you are done with them.

Don't use equipment as a coat rack or an end table. Someone might want to use it.

Have fun!
Get your workout done.
Stretch afterwards.
Clean up after yourself!
Have a good breakfast afterwards.
Have a great day, you earned it.

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