Friday, March 4, 2016

#BeFitAllYear With BeFit and a Giveaway

I'm not gonna lie, I have really been struggling with my workouts. Try not to be too shocked now. With the move, everything is so up in the air all.the.time. The hubs is off at work all day, and the Boy is pretty useful after he finishes his schoolwork, but only until his Jersey friends get home from school. Then they all assemble on their Xbox Ones, and I don't see him until dinner. I finally caught up with all of the boxes that we brought with us when we moved to South Carolina. We went back for a second trip and now the garage is full. Again.
But I digress.
I was intrigued with this new opportunity through FitApproach and BeFit, providing ten minute workouts and a handy workout calendar to follow along. What an ideal way to squeeze some workouts into my busy day.
Of course, I had to check them out before I could write this post, so I picked a day where I had a lot of household chores to do. Among them was Steaming the curtains. My friend Lynn was kind enough to lend me her steamer (which I still need to return, ugh!) so I got it all set up, only to find that it takes some time to heat up whenever you fill it with water. What to do while I waited?
 Work out!
I got my workout area all set up, and got ready to try the first workout. I really wasn't expecting it to kick my butt, but it sure did! Ten minutes of crazy cardio. The instructions were clear, the workouts were fun, and I was ready for another one!
But first, the curtains!
After I used up all of the water, and was waiting for it to heat back up, I tried another workout. This one included some Upper Body and I was pretty sorry by the time I was done. Couple a tough workout with a chore that involves raising your arms up high, and you have a recipe for sore arms!
I was very pleased with the workouts, and I have been squeezing them into my day ever since!
Want to check them out for yourself? Here is a link to the Intro for the program.....on YouTube
And a link to the workout calendar on Scribd. You can get a free trial in order to view the calendar, and then cancel it once you are done.
Don't forget to check out the workout playlist.  This has them all in one handy place so you don't have to search around for them. You Tube won't let you down though, the links are on the right hand side of your screen when you view other videos in the series as well.

Ok, now let's talk about the little gift that BeFit sent me.
**** I was sent this little box of goodies in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are, as always, my very own.
 I got this a little late, so we have not tried it all. It was sent to Jersey, and I only just got it last weekend when we went back to empty out the attic of our former home. My son really enjoys making these drinks, so he tore into them as soon as we got back to South Carolina.
Let me tell you about the BeFit Whey Protein first. We were sent the Vanilla flavor. I was a little bummed, because I am a chocolate girl, but I got over that pretty quickly. It tastes like vanilla icing. For real. Not that sweet, sickly kind of icing. It was just right. The Boy drank it so quickly, I thought he would get a brain freeze. It hasn't left our counter, because he has made it almost every day since.
He is also really enjoying the Be Fit Pre-Workout Fruit Punch. Luckily, we have already had the talk about drinking it when you aren't working out, or it would be empty. He has been using it before his trail rides every day.
I still have to try the BeFit Fat Burn. I am not really working out more than 10 minutes a day right now, but once I get back into my groove, I will be adding these in.
A few details about these goodies....
The Whey Protein comes in chocolate and vanilla, and is sweetened with Stevia. It helps to satisfy your appetite and supports muscle recovery.
The Pre is fruit punch flavored and helps boost energy, increase focus and endurance, and provides electrolytes.
The Burn works without over stimulating the central nervous system, so you don't get all jittery when you take them.
They also have a Multi Vitamin, and you can find them all here. 
***All of these products are Gluten Free, GMO Free, and sugar free.


How would you like to win a prize pack of your own? You can win your own special delivery of Whey Protein, Pre, and Burn! The giveaway starts on March 5 ends on March 12, so hurry and enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I cannot wait to hear how you liked the workouts! Shoot me a comment below and let me know what you thought!

Which workout do you want to try first?

***US only for the giveaway. One prize per household. If you win more than once, please let me know so that I can choose another winner. Good luck!


  1. I have heard such great things about these products from all the SPAS who tried them!!

    Excited about them all.