Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm Running the NYC Marathon with MDA Team Momentum

Have i mentioned yet that I am running the NYC Marathon with Team Momentum?
I got in via lottery, so it is not that kind of fundraising, proof that it means a lot to me. My father has been fighting a form of Muscular Dystrophy for years now, called Myesthenia Gravis. It makes his life pretty difficult at times, and the treatments are no joke.
So far I have raised almost $300, with a minimum goal of $1000 and a dream goal of $3000.
I will be doing a fundraiser every month, starting with Jamberry in April. I will post about each fundraiser at the beginning of the month, just in case one tickles your fancy.
If you'd like to make a straight donation, though, I won't say no! You can check out my Fundraising Page here.
My dad just got home from another trip to the hospital, and my goal was to hit $350 by the end of the week. (That's tonight!) I still have $73 to go!
Let's talk more about this on April 1st....or maybe 3rd....since I will be traveling to Philly and might forget!

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