Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shamrock 4 Miler Recap

Today was the Shamrock 4 Miler in Charlotte, and the first in a series of races I registered for while I was still in NJ. My first race after I moved here was a sad, lonely affair. This race was the exact opposite.
I arrived about an hour early so that I could get my bib and tee, and pee before the start of the race with no rush or worry.

I found my friend Nicki right away, and she introduced me to Robert,  and then I ran into Iris, a fellow Skirt Sports Ambassador. 

 We were joined by Nicki's friend Kristen, and we waited for the race to start, talking about running Disney and strategy for the race. Nicki was doing a 30:30 run walk, so I decided to join her. It made the hot, hilly race go by very quickly! Before we knew it, we were approaching the finish. That was the fastest slow 4 miles ever! 
They had tons of course support, the roads were safely blocked off, and it was such fun! At the finish we were given a medal, water, and tons of food. All we missed out on was a cloth bag. As we left the finish, I heard someone call my name. That shouldn't happen here, I barely know anyone. Sure enough enough, it was the ladies from MRTT Rock Hill! Love it!

What a great race! At the finish area, they had a large amount of tents set up. One had the Easter Bunny and donuts, one selling gear, one with fresh breads, Chik-Fila, a barbecue place, and a couple more I can't remember. At the sponsor tent, they had pics of the blind for the series. Once you have them all, it spells their name. So fun!

A fun day filled with new running friends, just what I needed after a less than perfect week!
Have you ever had to start over in a.whole new town, in a whole new state?

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