Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Try not to be too shocked, but my workouts are still not regular. This moving thing had really messed with my flow! Add to that, the fact that allergy season starts in March in South Carolina, and I'm a hot mess.
Thursday and Friday I was unpacking. This may not sound like much, but it involves a lot of running up and down the stairs with boxes in my hands. Heavy boxes. These days, my legs are in a perpetual state of Ouch. We did not have stairs in NJ.
Saturday was supposed to be my 41st half marathon, and my first glimpse at Charlotte. I forgot to set the alarm and I overslept. This has never ever happened to me before! Mortified.
Instead, we went into Charlotte, found a Little Free Library, and cheered for the runners who were still out there. Oh. And we had hot dogs.

On Sunday, we walked the dogs, and discovered you can walk to NC without leaving the development. It was a very hilly 4 Mile walk. We also worked on the garage, which meant more time bringing boxes up and down the stairs.

Monday I stepped on the scale, had a mini coronary, and realized I needed to stop pigging out and start working out. The boxes in the garage can wait. I added workouts to my planner, and got started right away. PiYo, Hammer & Chisel, a 3 mile bike ride to show the boy how to get to NC, and a walk with the hubs. WHEW!

Tuesday was a running day. My self defense teacher says we shouldn't be predictable. Especially when we run alone. A new route was in order, so I just ran haphazardly around the development. No big deal, but I seemed to pick roads with hills. Yikes! After my run I basically wasted the rest of the day stalking my Facebook feed to see who got into NYC. It's how I roll.

Wednesday is Self Defense class, so I haven't been scheduling workouts for that day, just in case the class is a workout. It wasn't really, though. We learned about mentality and about kubatons, which is my new favorite word. Look them up. Totally badass. I ordered one. Next week we learn about how to use them properly. I came home feeling out of sorts because I got pulled over on my way to class. I decided I was going to wallow all day. Mature, right? I was saved by the mail. First, I opened a surprise gift from my girls at Zooma. Then I opened my box from Beachbody. Of course, I had to try the new workouts. Duh. There was also some walking involved, to round out the day.
How have your workouts been this week?

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