Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Training Update

I missed last week's training update, although there wasn't a lot or training going on! My daughter was home for Spring Break, and I was trying to maximize every minute!
Let's go back two weeks, shall we?
Thursday, March 17, we went for a really long trail walk. It took forever, it was hot and Morgan was cranky. I didn't save the pictures that far back, so you'll have to trust me on this week's workouts.
Friday, we went bowling again, this time with the hubs, and I won both games. Score!  We also went for a walk.
Saturday, another walk. Sensing a trend? Yeah, me too.
Sunday, nada, zero, zip. Rest day!
Monday, I was determined to get back at it. I unpacked for a little while, did a 9 minute mission, 32 minutes on the elliptical, and a 40 minute walk. Go me!
Tuesday, more unpacking. The garage was a hot mess, but it's almost to the point where I might let people see it! We also we went for a walk.
Wednesday, more unpacking. The garage now looks almost normal. We need some shelving, but it's getting there. Also, a walk.
Thursday, we got the new bookshelves for the library. This meant lots of cleaning, moving, and unpacking. Two hours worth, and soooo happy with the outcome.

Friday and Saturday, more unpacking and more walking. Even I'm bored right now.
Sunday, I got off my lazy butt. I posted to my development's  Facebook page asking for running partners,  and I scored big. I also took a 90 minute bike ride with the hubs. It was super hilly, but we had a great time. We also took a walk that night.

Monday was my first running date. I started the day with two rounds of PiYo in our garage gym, my first workout there! Then I met Heather at our clubhouse and we banged out 3.3 hilly miles. It was nice to have a running buddy again!

Tuesday, I met with another friend to run at Anne Springs Close Greenway, a park that's one town over. It's a trail, and it was hilly, but we chose the shortest one and sort of did a run/walk/shuffle. The first mile was dark, but partway through Mile 2, we no longer needed a flashlight and could run a little easier.
Wednesday was a rest day, so I walked the dog and did some errands to get my steps in. 
I will be traveling to Philadelphia tomorrow for the Hot Chocolate 15k, so be on the lookout for some pictures!


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