Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rock n Roll Raleigh Expo and 5k #RocknBlog

I love RnR Expos! They are always amazing and Raleigh didn't disappoint. I met some friends there and we spent two full hours at the expo.

I bought a tee from Brooks, and one from another vendor that had my new state on it. I also bought some throw away gloves, since the weather was supposed to be cold at the start on both days. I may have also bought a little SC magnet for my car. And what would a trip to the expo be without a pic with the Gecko? And a spin of the Success Rice wheel? The hubs and I both scored a free box of rice!
We went back to the hotel where I made my flat mamas. Neither one ended up being accurate though!

I realized when I was making my flat mamas that I grabbed an extra tech shirt instead of a sports bra, so I only had one for both days. I didn't have time to buy one before the 5k, and I didn't want to wear something new for the half. I would be thinking about this problem for the next 20 hours or so.
Morning came and we headed over to the 5k start. The hubs dropped me off and then went for some breakfast while he waited for me to finish. I gave him a time line but he wasn't really focusing on what I was saying, so he thought he had way more time than I told him.  Anyway....
I met up with a fellow Rock n Blogger, Brandi, and we hung out until the start. We may have taken a few pictures before we separated to our corrals.  

The race started right on time, and they really kept it moving, so I started faster than I thought. This race was hilly. It took place at Dorothea Dix, and the grounds were amazing. Lots of old houses and plenty of... hills.
I spent the first half mile arguing with an 8 year old about costumes at Disney. No lie. This kid had very compelling arguments about humans dressing as characters. I'm pretty sure I lost that argument. And then he ran off. I spent another mile admiring the race etiquette of a 6 year old running with his grandparents. This kid was awesome.
Before I knew it I could see the finish! I couldn't believe it! I finished in about 39 minutes, which was a minute faster than I hoped and about 10 minutes faster than I planned. So much for taking it easy! Brandi got some pics of me finishing and we took some more selfies before she went to the shuttle buses back to her car. The hubs wasn't at the finish because, again, he thought had had more time. All was forgiven when he gave me a carrot cake donut from Rise.

After a quick shower, we hit the Science Museum and I took some obligatory medal pics. Then we hit the mall where I spent way too much at Lush, and bought a new sports bra at Victoria's Secret. Will I  regret that new sports bra? Stay tuned....

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