Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Training Update

I totally missed last week's update, so sorry! I'm getting back into training mode, finding new running buddies, and getting my schedule in order. I want to be sure that I don't schedule any races of the wrong distance for my training. It's all about NYC, people. 
Wednesday I did a mission on Zombies Run! The app said 3 miles, but it may have been off by a bit. I have the zombies turned off because I am not doing intervals right now.  I'd rather schedule them in, anyway! I'm still on season 1, but I'm loving it!
Thursday I wanted to try out my new Garmin, so I did another short run with the zombies. Runner 5 to the rescue. 

Friday was a rest day, I had a half marathon the next day so we just walked the dogs to get in my steps for the day.
Saturday was the Come See Me Half in Rock Hill, SC. I will post about that tomorrow. Let's just say I finished, and I beat my RnR time, and leave it at that for now. about this race and it isn't all good!

Sunday was a rest day, but I got in my steps. We went mattress shopping and a few other errands, which helped. 

Monday I did a 3 mile run with a new running buddy. Ali was amazing and we are running together again tomorrow morning. I took no pictures and didn't sync my watch, but we did a 3:1 and I was surprised to finish with a 12'39" average after that hilly half. Ali has offered to run with me as I train for NYC and I couldn't be more thrilled. She reminds me of my dear friend Eileen, who pushes me to run faster.
Tuesday was a rest day, so I took a hike with my Zombies Run app, and tested out my new tank from the Always Keep Fighting movement against depression. 

Wednesday, well, it was a bad Facebook day. I defended someone on a Facebook page who was being attacked for being a newbie. They then turned on me. It was ugly and unnecessary. I decided to weed the garden and then haul rocks from the woods behind our house to line said garden. An hour outside and I felt better!
Today I am meeting one of my buddies for a run. I just wanted to leave you with some tidbits before I go.....

Under 200 days, people! Holy heck!

Medals for RnR Virginia Beach. So bummed that the 5k is run at the same time as the half. I want both.
Leaving this for you again.....

Have a great weekend!

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