Monday, May 16, 2016

Training Update

I was planning on posting this update on Thursday, as usual, but it just didn't happen. I was in Jersey last week, and part of the week before, so my workouts have not been great.
Friday... we were at the hotel in Jersey, and the hubs had to work, so I went down to the gym for the elliptical. It was taken, so I did 23 minutes on the bicycle while I waited my turn, and then I did 38 minutes on the elliptical. I know that I took pics, but I can't find them. Blogger fail.
Saturday... Mom's Day 5k, in Manasquan NJ. I have run this before but they changed the course a bit. It was a great race and I ran it with my friend and her 9 year old son. We all had a great time and we even got bling! I also used the run as my Nerd Herd Running 5k. I don't usually double dip, but for a 5k I don't mind, since many of my training runs and hikes are longer than that.

Sunday...still in Jersey and we took a 2 mile walk on the boardwalk.

Monday was a rest day. We flew home on Sunday night and I had laundry and cleaning to do. I was also exhausted.

Tuesday... I took a Cardio Pump class which kicked my butt. I felt it for days. I also mentored at Fleet Feet, and we did just under a mile with hills. My legs were already putty, so this was especially fun.

Wednesday... I took a 4 mile hike. It was slow and painful, since I was so sore from my class the day before. It was a beautiful hike and I saw a huge crane that made a lot of noise. I love where I live!

Friday was another day of rest, because ouch! And because I needed to get up early on Saturday to mentor again. 

Saturday... one of the gals at Fleet Feet is running a core class every Saturday, so I showed up early and let her kick my butt. Afterwards we ran about 1.5 miles. I was a sweaty mess but it was worth it. When I came  home, I was restless, so I went for another hike to look for the crane. I couldn't find it, but I did find this guy...

Sunday... the hubs and I hiked with the dogs along the Thread Trail, crossing over to the NC side for a bit. It was a great way to finish the weekend, especially since he was leaving for San Diego later in the day.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

RnR Nashville Half Marathon Recap #rocknblog

As a Rock n Blogger, I was given a Tour Pass so that I can attend as many events as possible in 2016. I am responsible for my own travel, and all opinions, as always, are my own!
We woke up pretty early on Saturday morning. We were staying about 20 minutes from Nashville, and we wanted to avoid the traffic! I was looking forward to the VIP breakfast and actual bathrooms instead of Porta potties. The party was open until 7 and I intended to make use of it!

VIP parking was part of the deal, our very own parking lot!

The sky was ominous, there were storms in the forecast and I was getting worried. I actually had a stomach ache worrying about where I would be on the course when the storms hit!

The rain started... and check out those cars in front of us. This was the line of cars trying to park. Yup. I was gonna be late for the VIP breakfast. Sigh.

We finally parked, check out our lot! It was very close to the Finish Line, and that was perfection to me. We arrived too late for VIP so I decided to search out a potty at the finish.
None of them had toilet paper. Hmmmmmm

As we headed for the start, I saw that RnR had sent texts and emails saying that the race was delayed 45 minutes. A lot of people didn't get that message so there were about 40k people with nowhere to go.
We decided to find another potty so I could pee again, and wipe this time. Girls cannot shake it off the way boys can.
For real.

I was not alone. The 5k started as we waited, and so did the half and full 30 minutes later.
Oh. And still no toilet paper. Potty fail.

We decided to wait near the starting line for my corral before I jumped in to start. 

I was told about the hills, but I figured it couldn't be as bad as Raleigh. The good news is that it wasn't *as* hilly. The bad news is that it was hillier. Yikes. It was also really humid and the rain had stopped so there was nothing to cool us off. 
I was prepared for it though, and had absolutely no goals as far as finishing times. Just finish. 
I got super excited to see this guy, and super confused. He is usually at mile 10, but in Nashville it was mile 3. Yikes!

My friend and Fleet Feet Coach, Amy, got married in this church. She told me to look for it so I snapped a pic for her.

Mile 5 was the most fun. They had some crazy spectators partying in front of their houses.

And some crazy advertisements as well. This may have been my slowest mile!
I also stopped around mile 6 to try my chances for toilet paper in a potty, and was rewarded with a third no go. I decided not to worry about it. The hubs promised to have my after race bag for me at the fimish and I could change at the VIP lounge before my free massage.

At mile 8, I was getting discouraged. Even though I had no goals I was still disappointed and feeling thick and slow. The humidity was killing everyone, and most people at the back were walking at this point.
The hubs kept texting me encouragement and said he was at mile 12.

I finally found him at mile 12.5 or so, and as I trudged up yet another hill, he told me that a couple people had passed out and couldn't finish! Oh no! I was so sad for them! As I reached the bridge that took us to the stadium, there were men with stretchers lined up. 
At the finish were more men with wheel chairs. 
I was so glad I finished upright, and no longer cared about my time. It felt so amazing to have that medal around my neck. 
I gathered all of my food and drinks and headed for the VIP lounge and the hubs.
Who forgot my after race bag.

Someone was handing out sling bags for the food, which was nice! I hit the lounge and made a beeline for the massage table. Which had a 2 hour wait. 
Not my lucky day.

I grabbed a brownie and a sprite and found the parking lot with our car. Time for a shower and a waffle.
I truly enjoyed this race. Other than the lack of TP, it was perfection. RnR kept us all safe, and the course support was on point. There were medical tents every other mile it seemed, handing out salt and extra water. The entertainment was lively and fun, and very motivating.
I'm sorry that I didn't get to take part in most of the VIP benefits, but luckily I received it free as a perk for being a Rock n Blogger. I may look into purchasing it for Virginia Beach, just for the parking alone! Having the car at the finish line was worth it's weight in gold!
Next stop.... Virginia Beach!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rock n Roll Nashville Expo #rocknblog

On Friday, the hubs and I drove to Nashville for the RnR expo. I was part excited about the half marathon and part terrified. Storms were in the forecast and I was worried about being on the course when the storms hit.

The drive was very scenic....

I hit the expo alone, because the hubs was trying to park the car. It took him an hour. He was unthrilled. But.... 

It gave me time to hit Run Happy Island!

I won a free tee, which I'm wearing right now!

Then I got on line to have my gait analyzed. I've noticed that since my PF healed I am wearing out my shoes differently. I was curious to see if I needed new shoes. They strapped me up, which was new, and I had to do a few squats while they filmed from the front and behind. Then I ran for a few minutes, barefoot, which was wonderful because there was no PF pain. And then she showed me the results which confirmed that I no longer need a support shoe! 

Helloooooo Glycerins!

The hubs finally found me and we walked the rest of the expo. I was just at Raleigh 2 weeks before so it was a quick walk, but still a huge walk!
Rock n Roll always does it right! I got my VIP info and my Tour Pass and we hit the streets of Nashville......