Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rock n Roll Nashville Expo #rocknblog

On Friday, the hubs and I drove to Nashville for the RnR expo. I was part excited about the half marathon and part terrified. Storms were in the forecast and I was worried about being on the course when the storms hit.

The drive was very scenic....

I hit the expo alone, because the hubs was trying to park the car. It took him an hour. He was unthrilled. But.... 

It gave me time to hit Run Happy Island!

I won a free tee, which I'm wearing right now!

Then I got on line to have my gait analyzed. I've noticed that since my PF healed I am wearing out my shoes differently. I was curious to see if I needed new shoes. They strapped me up, which was new, and I had to do a few squats while they filmed from the front and behind. Then I ran for a few minutes, barefoot, which was wonderful because there was no PF pain. And then she showed me the results which confirmed that I no longer need a support shoe! 

Helloooooo Glycerins!

The hubs finally found me and we walked the rest of the expo. I was just at Raleigh 2 weeks before so it was a quick walk, but still a huge walk!
Rock n Roll always does it right! I got my VIP info and my Tour Pass and we hit the streets of Nashville......


  1. Is that big orange thing in the first picture a peach? I feel like it could be mistake for something else :) :)

    I love giant expos! They're so fun to explore!

    1. Lol when I posted it on Facebook we decided it was a giant butt. It was in Gaffney SC