Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Streaking on Global Running Day

Anyone who follows Runner's World knows that I'm not talking about naked running, I'm talking about the Runner's World Run Streak. Every summer, the streak runs from Memorial Day until July 4. To participate, you need to run 1 mile each day during that time. I always start out with good intentions, but I've only completed at once. Today was day three, and today is also Global Running Day.

I printed out my bib from Brooks, and chose 817 is my number because that is my Runiversary. Today is very hot and humid in South Carolina and I'll be honest, I almost stopped at the 1st mile. I was doing 3:1 intervals and I was stalking that timer for every walk break! The training plan for Zooma called for 30 minutes, though, so I stuck it out and finished. 

Also on tap for June… 
I found a challenge on Facebook for the June rainbow run. Every day to get you a color to wear on your run. Today was red.

Run Chat is hosting a photo scavenger hunt. The list is given out in the beginning of the month and you have all month to find the items. I found a bunch today, but I will need a race for at least one of them.
Challenge ills on IG is hosting monthly challenges. You choose the distance from their list and have all month to make your goal. I chose Phoenix, 70 miles.
The final challenge is a reading photo challenge through SammyReadsBooks on IG. I love photo challenges and reading so it's a win win.

What challenges are you doing this summer?



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