Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Workouts, What's Your Fave?

It is definitely summer here in SC, and the temperature is at 70 and humid by 7 am. By noon it's in the 90s.
So let's talk Summer Workouts. I am starting my training for NYC next month, so right now I'm just doing base miles. About 10 a week. I have been doing them as early as possible for obvious reasons!
Today I began Insanity with the Fit Test. Since the garage has no AC, I will be doing this in the living room where it's nice and cool. I got the app for my iPad as well, so I can do it anywhere! I love technology.

I have access to our clubhouse gym. The dread mill gives me foot pain so I mostly stick to the elliptical when it's available. There is also a weight machine that uses bands, but I'm currently intimidated by it! One of these days I will have the Boy show me how to use it!


I have access to the pool. I don't think laps are for me, but maybe some water aerobics? Anyone have any ideas? I gotta check out Pinterest on this one! If I wait too long, it will be fun of screaming kids, but today around 10 it was pretty empty and school is out here so I'm guessing the moms wait until lunch time. 

So what about you? What workouts are you doing this summer?