Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Training Update

I haven't done an update in a couple of weeks. I have been plugging along, but my daughter is home from college and I'm distracted for sure! I also tweaked my knee a little just after Annapolis, so I'm taking it easier and modifying a lot. 
Thursday I ran the Virtual Running Shorts 5k. It was a cool morning but the humidity was insane and it definitely kicked my butt a little!

Friday I spent over 2 hours cleaning and organizing the garage. We got a pimped out golf cart last night and we spent the last two weeks making room for it.
Saturday was mentoring with Fleet Feet. We met at Winthrop University and did 2.5 easy miles. It was a bit hot and humid but the scenery was amazing.

Sunday I hit the gym with the hubs. The elliptical was taken so I hit the bike and then walked on the treadmill and did some pilates stretches. Afterwards, we went and checked out a local mall that had an aquarium in it! Fun!

Monday I started Insanity with a Fit Test, walked the pups, and hit the elliptical at the gym. 

Tuesday was Plyometric Cardio Circuit, an hour in the pool, and a little over a mile with Fleet Feet before storms called off our second mile.
Wednesday I started Cardio Resistance but only got halfway through before the power went out. We had all kinds of problems after that.  Nothing too serious, but it ate up the day. I did squeeze in about 30 minutes of lacrosse with my kids though!

All in all, a pretty good week. Official NYC training starts July 17, so this is just a warm up for the big show!

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