Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Another week closer to NYC Marathon training and training for Disney actually started this week. This totally cracks me up since NYC is first!  Either way, I'm ready to get started!
Thursday I ran 4 miles, hot and humid miles, but I survived!

Friday was a rest day.
Saturday I ran 3 miles with Fleet Feet and took core class before hand. I was hanging with the back of the pack and it was hot and nasty, so they were some slow miles.

Sunday we walked two dogs on the Thread Trail since it was kind of nice out. By nice, I mean around 75 at 8 am. We walked a little over 2 miles.
Monday, I ran my first Disney training run. I managed just about 3.5 miles in those 45 minutes on the plan. It wasn't too hot, but it was super humid!

The boy asked me to go on an adventure later that day. I thought he meant a golf cart ride, since it was over 90, but he meant a hike. We walked 2.5 miles on the Thread Trail and had Morgan pick us up at the end of it instead of walking the 2 miles back like we usually do.
It was seriously hot!

Wednesday, the Zooma Summer Challenge called for a barre class so I dug out an old DVD set and did 2 classes before WW. They were really old, but the workouts were good. And I was down .2 at my meeting. Not what I hoped for, but way better than gaining.

I also ran 2 miles with FLEET feet that night. It was a great run, everybody pushed really hard and banged out those 2 miles like a champion.

On Wednesday I did a 2 mile track workout for the Zooma Summer Challenge, although I did it at home. I can't find the pictures, though. Blogger fail.

Tomorrow begins the Skirt Sports 31 Days of Skirts Instagram challenge. Check it out, and join in. They are giving away prizes!

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