Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zooma Annapolis Race Recap

As a Zooma Ambassador, I get free race registration. I do have to pay for all travel expenses. All opinions, as always, are my own.
Morgan and I left at the butt crack of dawn so that we could hit DMV on our way to the race. That's a story for another day. We left the area around 8:45 to make the 7 hour drive to Annapolis. It was a fun road trip until we hit DC traffic and it ended up taking almost 10 hours to get there instead. Ugh. We missed the Diversity Workshop but I made it in time for some group photos, and for packet pickup.

The morning of the race, Loews, which was the host hotel, put our quite a spread for the runners!
Group photo from Friday night....
Our roomie Chelsea offered to drive to the start, so we waited for her other friend to arrive and took this pic. This is my daughter Morgan with the pink socks...
While we waited for a group photo at the start, I asked this nice officer to take a selfie with me for the #runchathunt and he was super nice about it!

Ambassador photo! What a great group of ladies!
It was so humid and Morgan was looking pasty, so I offered to run the 10k with her and she was thrilled. I'm not gonna lie, it was an easy decision to make! We did a 3:1 run walk and managed to survive the heat and humidity. 

This is the view from the turn around on the bridge. We were almost done at this point. The volunteers and spectators were on point and the signage was incredible. We never had any doubts as to where we should be going as 10k runners.
To the Victors goes the.... bling! And some Pirate Booty, chips, water, and trail mix! Yum!
We had a great time, and I loom forward to the next one!
A few days after we returned, we received this yummy box from one of the sponsors. Boy ate it all and had asked for more!
Wanna Zooma with me?


  1. I have only run in Annapolis once for the Annapolis half which also had a 10k and it was such a pretty course.

    1. It is! I was so glad to run past water lol I miss it!