Tuesday, July 5, 2016

American Four Miler Recap

I'm so glad I went to bed early on Sunday night! I had a 5:45 wake up call, and slept horribly, but I dragged my butt up and headed to Charlotte for the American 4 Miler. 

I met up with Nicki, Robert and Kristen and we all lined up together to run. Nicky and Robert were doing a 30:45 run walk. Kristen was doing some 2:1 and since I needed to beat feet home afterwards for a golf cart parade, I stuck with Kristen. 

It wasn't hot but it was so humid that by Mile 1 we were already soaking wet. Ugh. We finished mile 1 and 2 in under 13 minutes but the hills and humidity were not our friend for miles 3 and 4.

The scenery in Dilworth was amazing, so I snapped a few pics on our walk breaks.

There was only one water stop, but I brought my own and didn't take any because it looked like they were running low.
I finished with a 13'11" average mile which I was pretty happy with!

At the finish, they had Gatorade, water, juice, and snacks. I grabbed some and beat feet to the parking lot so I could head home. They had an awesome band at the finish line, and Nicky and Robert hadn't finished yet, so I was bummed, but the Boy was waiting and he comes first!

I got this awesome towel at Fleet Feet. It protects your seat and it also covers you while you change your clothes in parking lots. 
And it's pretty.

I made it home with 5 minutes to spare! Whew! We loved being in our first Walnut Creek parade, throwing candy to the kids!

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