Saturday, July 16, 2016

My First Group Run

Today was my first group run with Run For Your Life in Charlotte. I was excited to be training for NYC with a group, nervous that no one would be running my pace. Oh, and the first four miles were hills. 

Yikes! It was in the 70s but by he humidity was insane and we were cautioned by the coaches not to overdo it. The first four miles I ran with the interval group, and we did a 2:1 run walk. Fine by me, I looked forward to that 1 minute walk every time.
After the four miles we all gathered together for a water break. The half marathoners were done but the marathoners had a little more to go. I stopped to snap a pic with these 2 lovelies, who have exceptional taste in skirt wear. 

Then off to run 2 more. Some ran 3 but this was my first long run in awhile so I kept it at 6 total. 

Did I mention the humidity?

At the end they had water, Nuun,and ice pops. I scored a grape one and hit the Starbucks across the street for some oatmeal and iced tea. It really hit the spot.

The place was filled with runners, and we all had so much fun hanging out. I'm really excited about my new people. 
Everybody needs their people.

Oh, and since I shared this with them afterwards, here it is for those who haven't seen it in awhile....

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