Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Another week, another update! I took it a little easy last week and will again this week, because training for NYC starts on the 18th!

Thursday I tried a new Boot Camp. It was insane, I loved every minute of it. But, it's super mega expensive after the trial is over so I'm not going back. I'm bummed, because it was perfect, until you factor in the ridiculous cost. Ridiculous. Insane. I'm disappointed, because it's not really worth what their asking, even if I went every day of the month. Which I can't. Because NYC. I'm laser focused on that!

Friday I went on a 4 mile hike because the weather was insanely perfect that morning. It didn't last! It's been ultra hot out ever since!

Saturday was our last Saturday run with Fleet Feet. I don't usually take pics, for privacy and all. 2.75 sweaty miserable miles but they all worked it, and it was awesome. I stayed with the interval runners and we banged it out.

We also went bowling with friends. The girls won and the boys maintain that they let us win because happy wives make happy lives. I'm not sure that's accurate though. The letting us win part. The other part is totally accurate.

Sunday was a lazy day. We ran a lot of errands that day, so maybe not too lazy. We spent the day looking at cabinets and shelves for our living room, and pretty much decided to try for built ins. Which are expensive. We will figure it out eventually!
Monday I ran the American Four Miler with some crazy local friends. It was super humid and very hilly, but also very beautiful. I got to see a lot of Dilworth, which I haven't seen much of before!
We also played a round of cornhole at our clubhouse but we got creamed by a pair of very polite 12 year olds. For real. Their parents should be super proud, they even  shook hands at the end. 

Tuesday was another rest day. Monday just about killed me. We spent all day outside and I don't do well with heat. 
Wednesday I decided to try out my Wii Cardio Boxing game. I've had it before but we have the WiiU now so I'm starting from scratch. Gold's Gym makes it, it's a lot of fun, and it thinks I have a fitness level half my age, so I'll be playing this all the time.

So, not a terrible week, but it could be better. I've been maintaining my pre-training weekly mileage of 10 miles a week, but I look forward to raising those numbers. If only the heat would cooperate.....

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