Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Holy heck! This my last week before training begins for NYC! Yikes!
A laid back week, and maybe it's a good thing!
Thursday was the Rock n ROLL Virtual run. I actually ran 3.4 miles but I can't  find the awesome collage of me and my awesome air guitar. This could be a good thing. For real. I suck.

Friday I had my pupils dilated at my eye appointment and then a cleaning at the dentist. So my eyes and my mouth hurts. All day. I have blue eyes, which actually stay dilated longer, so my whole day was shot. 

Saturday was the Gaffney Peach Festival 5k with Fleet Feet. I miss those crazy peeps already, but Saturday I meet my new peeps!

Sunday we walked a bit, looking for Pokémon.
Monday, another sweaty run. 3.5 miles this time. I got a little sweaty and red....

Tuesday I hiked with my daughter,  a quick 2 miler to take some Skirt Sports pics of me jumping. I suck at jumping. I'm okay with that.

Wednesday I cleaned house. Top to bottom. We ended the night with cornhole at the clubhouse.

I was too tired to shower, so I grabbed one of these. I just got these boxes today, so I'm ready for marathon training. Get yours at and use the discount code prythe!

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