Monday, July 11, 2016

What I'm Loving.... Mom of Teenagers Edition

This summer is shooting by so fast! The teenie is home for the summer and the Boy has a friend here this week. It's been so crazy, and we have done so many fun things! I realized that there were some things that made life here just a little easier.

Bob's Red Mill protein powders are one of them. Both of my kids love protien shakes, and this little box of wonders has made it even easier. And that shaker bottle is forever in my sink, so they have been putting it to good use! There will be an IG challenge starting on Monday, so hit their website and get a coupon soon, so that you can see what I mean and join the fun! Http:// 

Pokémon Go has been a huge hit this week.  The app just came out and all 3 teens have been going nuts. I'm not gonna lie, I ended up with the app as well. 
I couldn't resist.
Plus, now we bond over how I have better and stronger Pokémon than they do. I'm awesome like that.
Last night we even end went for ice cream because we heard that the store was a Pokegym. I kid you not. The hubs sat in the car while we ran around town, since there were 6 Pokestops near by.
Moms. Please make sure your little ones are paying attention to life around them, though. There have been a few stories about kids falling and getting hurt  because they aren't paying proper attention.

The Poseidon Toothbrush from Toilet Tree Products. They sent this to me to check out and the Boy snatched it up. What mom doesn't want their kid excited about oral hygiene? Take it, Boy, take it! He just loves it, and who can blame him? It's easy to use, and fun as well. 
Get yours at 
We have loved every product we've ever gotten from Toilet Tree, you can't go wrong. Unless your kids steal it from you. That seems to be the case at my house more often than not.

My friend Marjory whipped up this little gem for me. It's a Headache Helper, and I'm pretty sure she uses Young Living Essential Oils. It is such a gift, not just for me but for the teenie. We both suffer from headaches and this has been a nice relief.

Momsanity is a wonderful company that makes product for moms, by moms. The sliders provide an amazing workout and the BCAA powder is a tasty energy boost before you start! 
Check them out at
The teenie and I have been enjoying them both! 

So that's what we've been loving this summer so far, among other things that I will try and write about next month. All 3 teens are heading to Jersey tomorrow and there's much to be done!
Stay cool!

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