Friday, August 19, 2016

If Girls Ran the World Running Program! #ifgirlsrantheworld

What an exciting program I get to introduce to you all  today! I was selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador to share this program with you, and I will be fundraising right along with you all. More on that later!
If Girls Ran the World will be taking place during the month of October, with the goal of collectively running 24,901 miles, to virtually run around the world! Why? To show that we care about each other as women. To show the love and support that we have seen on occasion during the Olympics, with athletes helping fellow athletes. To show our girls what it means to share the love!
How does it work?
1. Register! Click here to get started! You will set a mileage goal and then connect to MapMyFitness or Strava. they are both free to join, so choose one! I use Strava more, so I went with that!
2. Choose a charity to fundraise for!
I chose Girls on the Run. It was an easy choice. I am training to be a coach for my 4th season, and I feel passionately about it. Choose the charity that you have a passion for! The goal is to raise $250, and you would be amazed how easy that is! I posted once to facebook and I already have a donation! You can also log volunteer hours. As a coach, I will be adding some serious hours, but you can do anything! Volunteer at a water station during a race, at a PTO function, Girl  Scouts, your local Library!
3. RUN! Since your account is synched to your app, all of your runs will automatically post to your account. Just be sure to post them there. My garmin automatically synchs to Strava, but I can also add them in manually. There are prizes daily, so every time you run, you have a chance to win!  Post to social media to inspire others! It doesn't matter how fast or slow (especially in my case) that you run, just get out there and do it! Couch to 5k? Awesome! Marathon training? Nice! Running just because you can? Outstanding!
I have been blessed with so many role models in my life. My mom, my running friends (some of them are in the picture above), my friend Cathi (below) who teaches aqua aerobics at senior centers as well as a local gym. Hopefully, someone somewhere sees me as a role model as well! I may not be the fastest or the most fit, but I never give up! Isn't that what it's all about?
When you decide where your passion is, and go to choose your charity, there are lots of choices. If you don't see yours (I didn't) don't lose hope. There is a "Choose a Different Cause" button and you can search there.
OK so let's get serious here! There is a small registration fee of $25 to get you started. Once you choose your charity you will be directed to Eventbrite to register! However, one lucky reader will be able to register for free! I'm going to keep it super simple. Tell me what charity you would choose, and why, and you are entered! Who knows? Maybe they will let me give away more than  one! I will select a winner on Wednesday, August 24, so choose soon! My Wordless Wednesday post will be the winner's name. I will choose randomly at 6 pm Eastern.
I can't wait to hear what charity all y'all will choose!
(How southern was that? I am embracing my new SC home!)
What Charity would you fundraise for and why? 


  1. I would run for CCFA Team challenge because my oldest son has Crohn's Disease along with several close friends who also suffer. TC gives 90%nof their fundraising efforts to research, support groups and camps for kids with Crohn's. I did fundraiser for them in 2012 with a grand total of almost $8,000.

    1. That's a great charity, good luck! And wtg on your past fundraiser!

  2. I haven't made my final decision yet, but my first thought as of right now is that I would run for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My grandmother passed away due to breast cancer, and I had a scare when I was younger myself. (I'm fine.) I love the idea of this event and look forward to participating.

    1. I used to fundraise for Komen before my dad got sick, and I've raised over $15000 for them. Good luck, and I'm glad you're fine :)

    2. $15,000, wow, that's amazing!!! <3

  3. Thanks, I know so many people affected by it, I was highly motivated. This was over the course of 3 years

  4. Thanks, I know so many people affected by it, I was highly motivated. This was over the course of 3 years