Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Another crazy week behind me! After Morgan and I came back from Orlando, I spent a lot of the next few days prepping for another trip!
Wednesday, I had a class with my trainer and she kicked my butt. This was the best pic I had, mostly because I had a meeting with the ladies from GOTR afterwards about coaching for the Fall season.

Thursday was spent packing and nursing a migraine I had all week. Friday was spent in the car. Not a great week for running.
Saturday we were in  Jersey and I ran a 5k with some friends and then the hubs and I walked around Asbury Park quite a bit. The 5k was fun but the weather was wonky so we skipped running any extra miles afterwards.

Sunday was the purpose for our trip: a surprise party for my MIL'S 70th birthday. There was much running around preparing and then a lot of dancing followed by a lot of cleanup. 

Monday we traveled back home.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles. It was meant to be for the Rock n Roll Virtual Run but I forgot to charge my watch and then my phone freaked out so I had no proof of mileage. Well, other than my weary legs, and I can't really use those! In any case, week 4 of training has begun!

Because I was traveling on Monday, I did the 4 miles planned for that day on Wednesday and got my Drum Solo done! It was a hot sweaty mess of a run, and my legs were a little tired, but I got it done!

Not a terrible week! I'm looking forward to the rest of this week because it involves Country Heat! Check it out at

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