Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Wow, this was a jam packed week. 
Thursday I did my first Country Heat workout, Country Swing. I liked it so much that I did the second one as well, Giddy Up. and a really sweaty workout. You really use your core and your quads. A lot. Ouch!

Friday was a 3 mile run. I'm totally over this humidity. I'm hoping that September is better, but this is my first southern Fall, so I don't know what to expect! At least I had the Zombies to distract me.

Saturday was my long run. I was out with the girls on Friday night to see Bad Moms, and we got home late. I totally blew off the running club so I could sleep an extra hour. Seemed like a smart idea but 8 miles alone sucks, even with zombies. I did stop at mile 5 to pee and refill my water, so that was a nice perk.

Sunday was a rest day and I legit rested. Seriously, I couched it and watched the Olympics
Monday I ran 5 miles. It didn't suck too bad, except when I got to my house and had a third of a mile to go. 
Ugh. That was a rough final third of a mile!

Tuesday was a 6 mile run. It was so humid and I felt so sluggish, but it was a good pace. 

Wednesday was a rest day so I.... did Country Heat. I tried to keep it low impact does that count?

I can't believe week 5 of marathon training is halfway over!
Oh, and I hit my minimum fundraising goal so that was awesome!

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