Saturday, September 3, 2016

#RnRVB expo and Mile on the Sand #rocknblog16

Dear Tropical Storm Hermine,
Thanks for the memories.....

For anyone who was affected by the storm, I hope you are safe and well! I lived through Superstorm Sandy so I don't take any of this lightly, believe me!
We left SC at around 8 on Friday morning, so we could hit the expo with plenty of time to enjoy it and then have a nice dinner. We were about 4 hours into the drive when I got the tweet from Rock n Roll that the Mile was canceled due to weather. They also offered refunds to anyone who couldn't travel in for the half because of the weather. Since our hotel was not refundable we soldiered on. 

The expo was at the Convention Center. I picked up my packets, they gave out the medals for the Mile so you could run on your own, which was super kind considering they were refunding everyone's money! As a Rock n Blogger I race for free, so this doesn't pertain to me. I gotta say, the towel is super fluffy, and the medal is nicer than many I've gotten for 5k and even longer races.

I hit up the Brooks store for new kicks. They had the Patriotic ones. I may have fangirled. A lot. I won free socks at Run Happy Island. That was fun! Since I had my gait analyzed in April at Raleigh, I didn't do that again, but I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. It's super high tech and I really love doing it. I also scored a great tank at the RnR booth, which I cannot wait to wear. Repeatedly.


The expo wasn't super huge compared to other cities, but they had everything I needed and some stuff that I wanted, and that's all that really matters.
This morning I woke up when I felt like it and went to the gym to do my mile. I wore my new kicks and  suffered through the one mile, and then walked a little more. Not quite the same as the beach but way safer. The wind was intense this morning, and we are quite a distance from the beach! 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race. The weather looks like it will cooperate in time for the actual race, and it won't be too hot now. I hope everyone in the path of TS Hermine is safe!






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