Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Week 9 of marathon training. Holy heck! I have been plugging along, following the plan that I got through NYRR. 
So 2 weeks ago I ran RnR Virginia Beach. I just posted the recap, so I won't go into details. 13.1 miles and I met this crazy nameless guy.

Monday was a nice day so I went for a 2 mile recovery hike.

Tuesday was a 5 mile recovery run. It's starting to get cooler in the morning so it was a nice run.

Thursday was 7 miles of intervals. My tummy was not happy but I got it done.

Saturday was the Carowinds Run and Ride Half Marathon in Charlotte. I had a great time for the first 11 miles but the end was ugly. Recap coming soon.

This pic below was posted on the race page, loving it, even though I was on a walk break!

Tuesday I ran 5 miles, my time was good but my leg was very tight and my form sucked.

Wednesday was 3 easy miles, still tight, and getting a little worried. Time for the foam roller and some PiYo!

We also played cornhole and the Boy and his partner got to the final round. And then got creamed. He was happy to have a win though!

I reversed the pics for Tuesday and Wednesday! #bloggerfail
Off to walk the pups!
Happy Thursday!

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