Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Holy heck!! 38 days until the NYC marathon? That's insane. Totally nuts. I am finalizing travel plans, watching videos, reading blogs, and trying not to panic. Especially with this whole IT Band issue going on.
Ok, let's get down to training.
Thursday I ran 3 miles and I was feeling pretty good. It normally takes my leg about two miles to loosen up, but this was a good day. It was also rainy and cool which was nice.


Friday was a rest day and I mostly just ran around like a chicken doing errands.

Saturday was long run day. With everything going crazy in Charlotte, which is where my group meets, the hubs wasn't too keen on me running with them. Then I somehow I managed to oversleep and ended up running at home. I ran 11 miles and it didn't suck too much. I was stiff at first and my underarm got a little chafed in the last mile but I survived.



Sunday the hubs and I went on a trail hike with the pups that was a nice change of pace.


Monday I attempted a run but it was not happening. One mile run and one walked home on the trail. Ugh. Time to look into a compression band.

Tuesday I sat on the couch all day. For real. Pity party time.

Wednesday I did PiYo core on my new squishy fat yoga mat. It felt amazing and my Compression band came so I can try running with it on Thursday. Score!

I have been looking up stretches and exercises for my IT Band so hopefully next week's update is better!!

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