Thursday, October 13, 2016

Anatomy of a Long Run

Instead of a training update, I thought I would share what goes though my head during a long run. I didn't really run much this week, because of my tight leg muscle, so there isn't much to report anyway.
I asked the hubs to wake me up at 6, so that I could be out and running by 6:30 or so. He forgot. I woke up at 6:40 and managed to get out the door by 7:30. I had 18 miles planned and I was worried about the SC sun at the end of the run.

I was worried about the tightness I've been having. It's either IT Band or hamstring. I've been stretching and taking easy. The first two miles were hell, I'm not gonna lie. I was ready to stop before I barely started. I stopped to stretch my shins about four times in those two miles but then everything loosened up and I was pain free for the entire rest of the run. Pain free. Leg, shins, everything.

This was mile three. I planned a course that ran through my development and the one next door. It covered about 8 miles. In those 8 miles were about 5 monster hills. Five. Now double that, plus a few more. That's the course I had to deal with. It.was.ugly.

At least it was pretty.
After the first six miles I ditched the long sleeves and continued on. I was feeling good. And optimistic. This lasted until about mile 13.

I was tired. I was HOT. I was really really tired. I have been fighting either a cold or allergies all week and it was taking its toll. 

Fake smile time. I was out of water, and I knew I would have to stop at home. The closer I got, the  more convinced I was that I would not finish. 

This was mile 14.6 and I was really dragging. I could barely lift my feet. Darn allergies. I was also have some stomach issues. Because I'm a girl. Ya know? Sorry boys!
At mile 15.5 I had to admit defeat and turn back. I was at the bottom of a hill that I knew I couldn't go up. 
Does this make me nervous about NYC?
Nope. Let me tell you why.
I covered twice the hills in this run. Maybe more. Flatter races are easier than hilly long runs. 
I will have running buddies and crowds to motivate me.
I have put in the miles ever week.
I have done this twice before.
That medal will be mine!

And I can have more chocolate milk at the finish!









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